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Won’t rev past 10k

Discussion in 'How To's' started by Dave Robinson, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. Dave Robinson

    Dave Robinson

    Thread Starter

    Location: Cheshire
    recently purchased a 12 plate Daytona 675, and discovered for some reason it won’t rev out to the red line
    Rides well in every gear until reaching 10k , then it’s like it hits the limiter , just won’t rev any further , this is in all gears
    Thought that there maybe a restrictor fitted , after investigation of the throttle bodies found no restrictor
    Anyone else suffered similar problem ?
    It does have an arrow can fitted , but not sure if this was from when first purchased or subsequently fitted , so not sure if it got mapped or even if it needed to be
    Any suggestions advice appreciated
  2. StephenP


    Location: Hertfordshire
    Kink in the fuel line?

    What does the bike do when it reaches 10k? Dies it stop bang on it or judder?
  3. Exhaust valve stuck semi open?

    Download tuneECU and see what error codes you have and what map it's running.

    Having an Arrows can without being mapped isn't great but it will still rev cleanly.
  4. Bigmac


    Location: Slough
    The rev limiter could have just been knocked back to 10k by the previous owner
    Have a look with tune ecu

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