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Why did Triumph purposely make their bike uglier?

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by JuicyJoe, May 3, 2020.

  1. JuicyJoe


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    Location: 43953
    Okay so I'm guessing I'm probably about to get so much hate for this post so let me just first start by saying I think the D675 is one of the best looking sportbikes there is (the old version, not the R, although that one looks nice too), but there are a couple of things that I just hate.

    When I was looking into buying the D675 I had never seen one in person, so imagine my surprise when I go to buy the bike and I see the frame is sparkling. What the heck were they thinking? At first I thought it couldn't have been stock because it just looked so... bad. But upon further investigation I realized that yes, Triumph did in fact powdercoat sparkles into their frames. I thought it would grow on me but it hasn't, I just can't get over it. Usually I might just suck it up and get use to it but this is actually a big problem. The previous owner of this bike stored it outside and there's a little rust on the swingarm so I want to remove it and get it powder coated but what am I supposed to do about the sparkles?? I will have a normal matte black swingarm connected to the rest of this sparkling monstrosity. I don't think its on all the colors schemes (I have the 2009 Jet Black, the one with the silver decals) but I just can't understand why they did that, does anybody actually like how it looks? Was that just what the market in 2009 was clamoring for, a twinkling framed sportbike?

    My only other comoplaint as far as the looks is the perpetually dirty looking color of grey rims, but that isn't a big deal, pretty easy to repaint.

    Anyway, there's my rant. I'm just curious how other people feel about this, besides that I absolutely love the bike.
  2. StephenP


    Location: Hertfordshire
    Could get some carbon covers to hide the frame and swingarm, pretty sure they'll cover pretty much everything
  3. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

    Location: HU15 2DS
    My frame colour appears to be satin black, and fwiw I have no issue with that finish.
    I did toy with the idea of stripping the paint from my alloy rear subframe, and having it in a lacquered alloy finish (like on my Honda Blade), however after some consideration I decided that I prefer that component to remain more muted in my bike's livery.
    I expect that the designers at Triumph took a similar view.
  4. JuicyJoe


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    Location: 43953
    Oh wow I haven't ever heard of frame covers, I looked them up and they looks great but they run about $240, maybe over the summer I'll get some for the frame by the tank but I still plan to powder coat the swingarm so the rust is cleared up.

    Also yeah this weird greyish blackish sparkle frame color isn't on all the bikes, a stain black would look a thousand times better
  5. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    I thought it was metal filings when I first saw it. Looks like the My Little Pony/Barbie Doll Mardi Gras Special.
    Not the best decision Triumph have ever made.

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