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Which NGK spark plugs ?

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by dks-123, Apr 2, 2021.

  1. dks-123


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    Location: Warwickshire
    I have a 2009 Daytona and I'm going to do a service soon.
    But the reason for the post after researching, I'm not sure which plugs to go in, but I have the following mods:
    Full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system
    MWR HE Filter
    Flash map
    Race kit velocity stacks

    Is it worth me changing from the standard NGK's to the CR9EIX or CR10EIX like the race kit manual says for standard compression ? I would assume not for the CR10's due to mine having a standard head and cams.
  2. Just looking for the some advice on this. I’m currently running the CR10EIX. Is there no point? I’m running the full arrows stage 3, mapped with filter. No other mods. Fans still attached.
  3. dks-123


    Thread Starter

    Location: Warwickshire
    I decided to go with the standard NGK plugs instead of iridium and they seem fine
  4. I did that too on the latest service...replaced wih the standar NKG 9 but I noticed that the gas consumption changed, while driving in the city gived me 230kms per 14 liters.. and on the road 320 pwe 14 liters... now it went down to 200 on the city and 230 on the road.

    i'll try to find the iridium ones again

  5. What’s ur set up?
    I got stock engine mapped with stage 3 arrows.
    2009. O and air filter.
  6. Rawhide


    Location: Hastings
    I’ve got the cr10’s in mine with Arrow stage 3 and k&n filter running a decat/de-exup valve and arrow can map off tune ecu. Runs very well although noticed more pops and bangs on the over run just when cold for first few laps of a track session at the beginning of a day. I am intending a proper dyno tune just for piece of mind. I only went for the Cr10’s as I believe it was on the arrow stage 3 installation instructions where I read they should be used.
  7. Same here. But also I have kept the fans on, so not sure I need the CR10’s don’t suppose there is any harm.
  8. I got stock map, K&N air filter and arrow slip-on... nothing fancy....

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