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What a Mare

Discussion in 'Twat of the Week' started by R4CKS675, Apr 5, 2023.

  1. R4CKS675


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    Location: Lowestoft
    Got to work after a rather chilly ride in at 2 degrees so had the heated grips on. Ordinarily, they auto turn off once the ignition is off, apparently not today. Came out of work this evening to see the 'battery saver' light flashing (ironic), turned key, Dead as a dodo .

    After 10 minutes of faffing managed to jump it off a workmates car, only to remember my first stop was going to be a petrol station as fuel light had come on on my way in and there's a petrol station near my work. Didn't fancy a mega short trip and risk it not starting again so had to ride like miss daisy to one on my way home.

    Lesson learnt, physically turn off the grips next time (used them plenty of times before without issue btw) and I now know that I can get just over 140 miles to a tank with a bit of squeaky bum time

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  2. StephenP


    Location: Hertfordshire
    I've found that during a trip to Cornwall my bike got into the dizzying heights of 165miles on the trip meter before the fuel light came on. God bless motorways but still, had plenty more in the tank just didn't fancy pushing it to see just how much further I could get it
  3. Are you sure that you were on a Daytona??? I start getting twitchy and desperately look for a fuel stop around 110 miles. Although I am slightly paranoid, TBF.
  4. StephenP


    Location: Hertfordshire
    Yep, I'll take some pictures next time I go up to Wales to prove my point. I always get past the half way point which is well over 160 miles before I even need to think about filling up. And when I do I note that I get around 12-13litres in the tank, which means at 17 max there's still loads left

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