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Waterproof overtrousers - any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Clothing & Safety Equipment' started by langer74mark, May 5, 2017.

  1. langer74mark


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    Hi all

    I'm really struggling to find some lightweight waterproof trousers to wear over my Alpinestars Track pants, so wondering if anyone may be able to recommend me anything?

    I've tried a few so far and I'm starting to wonder who the bloody hell is designing them? Have they ever actually ridden a motorbike?! On seeing a glowing review in MCN I tried the Scott Ergonomic Pro ones. Very cool stretchy material and even though a bit tight over the boot I could have lived with that, but what's the thinking behind that waist design? A high waist is good but just a thin piece of drawstring elastic to do them up didn't seem to work on any level for me.

    So I've just tried the Richa Rain Vent's... Super sticky on the inside and so narrow at the bottom they won't do up over my boots. What are people doing, tucking them in their boots?!

    They have to be;

    - Lined or have some kind of internal coating to make them not stick to leathers.

    - Wide enough at the bottom to easily go over boots, but then be fastened up snugly.

    - Easy to put on without taking boots off, but not be like a big floppy bin liner once they are on.

    - Long enough in the leg to not ride up massively when sat on the bike. (Or, heaven forbid, actually be cut to suit the riding position!)

    - Relatively high in the waist, at least at the back.

    Is that too much to ask for in a pair of waterproofs made specifically for biking?! Seems so, but maybe someone can recommend me something :)


    Do I bite the bullet and get a onesy? Does all this ring a bell to anyone, who is now in possession of a onesy suit and has never looked back?

  2. I gave up and purchase another respro top. It was the road version which fits like a jacket with a gusset section which can be done up.
    It works really well and keeps what it cover dry, obviously legs are exposed but I found that it is easier to live with wet legs when the core of dry.
  3. langer74mark


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    Cheers concretesnail. That Respro stuff is pretty bling! I can see myself giving up on this one as well :(

    I'm going to the TT this year, so really need to be able to fully suit up if needs be. I'm with you for general day to day riding... Don't mind damp legs. Don't fancy it riding London to Liverpool with wet legs, though, if it's chucking it down!

    I'm wondering if a onesy isn't the way forward. Seems a bit over the top, but probably wouldn't be thinking that when I'm on that aforementioned, and rather damp, motorway. Anyone have one of or know about these Rev'it Pacific 2 H2O suits?


    Seems to get quite good reviews.
  4. I have a set made by Spada, had then quite a few years and no complaints at all.
    They're been used on long distance rides (Sweden - UK) and apart from water creeping down the neckline, they have remained water-tight.
    I took out the internal lining so they can fit over trousers / leathers easy enough.
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