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TuneECU Map Recommendations - '08 Daytona

Discussion in 'How To's' started by Wesley, Jun 10, 2024 at 6:18 PM.

  1. Wesley


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    Location: Dallas, Texas
    Howdy y'all -

    Been running my 2008 daytona (VIN 34XXXX) with a bazzaz unit for while but want to go back to just a TuneECU map and jettison the ancillary wire harness from the bazzaz. Engine/intake mods are as follows:

    EXUP disabled
    Intake Flapper Disabled
    SAS removed and blanked off
    K&N reusable air filter installed
    CAT still intact and in use on stock headers (wish I could find the arrow ones but have been searching for years).
    Competition Werkes Slip-On exhaust

    Thinking either full arrow (20421) or arrow slip on (20423) will do the trick but unsure since CAT is still intact and in use.

    Thoughts? Something better out there that I'm missing?
  2. Shame it wasn't a PC V instead of a Bazzaz, you could have imported the power commander file into your standard map with Tuneecu and binned the hardware.
    Don't know how it works with the a Bazzaz but if they are +/- % trims you may still be able to manually input them into the Tuneecu trim tables if the Axis values are compatible.
  3. SW73


    Location: Sunderland
    I was going to suggest a custom map in TuneEcu from someone like UKRS but I see you're a little far away! Howdy! You can certainly find people in the UK will still do that for very reasonable money

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