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Triumph Thatcham Alarm/Immobiliser

Discussion in 'Protection' started by Joe Wagstaff, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. Joe Wagstaff

    Joe Wagstaff

    Thread Starter

    Location: Leeds
    AC612FE4-DF9E-4F50-BD95-994BC5F5BAC8.jpeg Ey up,

    I have a 2015 Daytona 675R.

    I’ve bought an alarm from Triumph that was on offer for £99 (Part # A9808114) as I thought it would reduce my insurance and maybe offer a veneer of protection from it being pinched.
    Just wondered if it’s a robust system or something that I should avoid fitting! It’s still it’s box as yet so no harm done so far, thought a few of you may have an opinion.

    The forum could do with a keyword search as I’m sure this will have cropped up before.

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  2. Pain in the arse, goes off all the time and drains the battery but I guess it’s designed to lol
    Just plug and play
  3. Just to add if you think it will stop someone stealing your bike I doubt it
    break the seat or unbolt it unplug it and throw it over a fence in seconds
    Locks are far better diterant
  4. towser


    Location: Torryburn
    Depends on your point of view! Someone tried to steal my friends earlier 675 and the only thing that stopped them was the alarm which immoblized the bike.
  5. GazP


    Location: Atherstone
    I had this dilemma last year. Ended up going for the tracker. As soon as the bike gets a moving nudge, you get a text and phone call asking if everything’s ok. Usually its a result of the dogs or the kids in the garage but it’s reassuring.

    Plus the insurance discount I got for having it fitted is enough to pay for the subscription.

    I just find alarms go off and no body takes much notice.
  6. Joe Wagstaff

    Joe Wagstaff

    Thread Starter

    Location: Leeds
    I lock it to stuff anyway but I thought it would be a good shout to have an immobiliser on it just to stop total numpties Trying it on, and fitting it looks straightforward. I’ll bob it on in the next few weeks and if it’s a pain I can just take it out I guess
  7. SW73


    Location: Sunderland
    Mine has been grand for ten years. Hasn't caused a problem. Must have been lucky judging by some of the experiences
  8. Hello
    I spotted your post and the picture of your bike. Im actually interested in the Scorpion exhaust and the heat shield. How did you fit the heat shield, did you make brackets etc for the scorpion?
    Many thanks

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