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The Dreaded BT Sport

Discussion in 'Racing' started by Stu675, Aug 23, 2020.

  1. Stu675


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    Location: Gu1
    :mad: I decided to treat myself to watching MotoGP on BT for a change today after getting fed up with the terrible quality on Quest catchup highlights. As well as inadvertently finding out the result every time before I get a chance to watch it! :mad:

    It said it failed at the payment stage but it has been successfully charged to my credit card - currently on my second phone call to BT to resolve. First one said it takes an hour before it will work. Second one still hasn't answered currently 32 mins on hold :mad:

    Inevitably trying alternatives has just resulted in me finding out this weeks result before I get to watch it :mad: not my day :(
  2. Frogcake

    Frogcake Moderator Staff Member

    Location: London
    Argh that’s so annoying when you find out the result before seeing the race. FWIW I have the MotoGP video pass and they have a “no spoilers” mode so you don’t accidentally see the results.
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  3. Stu675


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    Location: Gu1
    I was looking at the pass from MotoGP itself as well, but it doesn't seem to give a discount taking it out this late in the season, so BT as a monthly package seemed best.
    It was when I couldn't get BT to work I started looking around at options and found Australia seems to offer viewing for free on Tenplay - but I couldn't get that to work even with a VPN either - just found out the result :mad: - I think :confused:
  4. Rogerrabbit


    Location: kent
    Márquez wins
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  5. Frankssy


    Location: High Wycombe
    I gave BT Sport a go for the majority of the 2020 season. Apart from the marmite presenters (I really dislike them) the coverage was decent. Then got in on the late season MotoGP pass, which worked out a bit cheaper than paying for BT Sport for the remainder of the season and I really enjoyed all the extra content and coverage you get. That being said MotoGP pass is ludicrously expensive for an entire season but i'd prefer it over BT Sport if the price was right.
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