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Street Triple 2010 fork upgrage advice needed

Discussion in 'General' started by Gremlin, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Gremlin


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    Location: Preston
    Hi All,

    I thought lock down may be a good time to pull my finger out and finally upgrade the front forks to some fully adjustable ones on my non R Street Triple.

    There's a nice Ohlins TR09 on the rear already so just the front to do now.

    I'm looking at either new forks or new fork internals.

    New Forks
    A member on this forum is selling some nice Ohlins forks from a track Daytona that would fit my ST (50mm and 52mm clamp sizes), however, I'd need new radial calipers, new radial mastercylinder and lever and (possibly) new discs, spindle and/or wheel?

    New Fork Cartidges
    I've seen these on Ebay for between 500 and 900 quid with brands like Andreani, Ohlins and Matris.
    Question is, how difficulat are these to fit? Are any special tools required to get the old gubins out and fit the cartridges?

    I'm reasonably confident with a spanner and do all my own servicing on the bike (other than valve checks), plus fitting new stators (3 so far), 520 chain conversion, tail tidy and such like...

    Thanks in advance, I alway appreciate the advice on here! :)
  2. JohnnyPS4


    Location: Buxton
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    You would need calipers but on the plus side for you’re first option the discs, spindle and wheel itself are all same on both Daytona and street of that age so you won’t have to go to that expense.
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  3. To fit the ohlins forks from a daytona r you will also need the triple clamps.
  4. Gremlin


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    Location: Preston
    The forks are the same width top and bottom where they are clamped? I'm guessing it was a non R Daytona?
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  5. The non-r were not ohlins forks, and use the same size tubes as the street triple. Daytona non-r are essentially the same as the street triple r forks.
  6. Bigmac


    Location: Slough
    If you go down the route of changing Daytona forks I have a set with Ktech internals I’m selling.
    I also have all the other bits you would require so could do you a package

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