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Reduced Fuel Economyin 2010 Street Triple

Discussion in 'General' started by Gremlin, Nov 21, 2021.

  1. Gremlin


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    Location: Preston

    The last couple of rides I've done I've noticed my fuel light coming on about 20 miles sooner than normal.

    One ride was was with E10 and the other was with E5 fuel. Both routes were the same and I started with a full tank both times.

    The route is one I've done many times in the past and have always manage to get out and back on the full tank with no fuel light warning.

    I can't see or smell any fuel leaks and the bike is well maintained and properly serviced.

    Any ideas on what could be the cause. Air filter dirty perhaps?

  2. E10 will drop fuel economy as I understand it, as it’s less of the good stuff to burn each combustion cycle, however shouldn’t significantly reduce it, maybe 1/2% is the info I have seen circulating. It does make combustion temps hotter though which could be increasing the ECU tendency to pull things back with regards timing.

    I would suggest check all the easy things first, clean fuel filter, clean air filter and even check the charging system to make sure you don’t have a lame battery that’s drawing lots from tne charging system and making the engine work harder.

    Then if it’s still getting worse, and you have a drop in performance and economy then I’d personally check that the lambda sensor in tbe exhaust and the throttle air temp sensors are good, and then that the catalytic converter isn’t collapsing internally. The last thing is hard to check but JHS told me they see a lot on older bikes or track bikes

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  3. Gremlin


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    Location: Preston
    Cheers. I'll check the easy stuff first :)
  4. scaramanga


    Location: whitehaven
    could very easy be just change in weather conditions

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