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Rant about dealer's lack of communication skills

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by Janey, May 10, 2024.

  1. Janey


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    What is it about dealers and their total inability to respond to an enquiry or keep in contact, like they said they would.

    As I may have subtly mentioned, I'm new bike shopping and I'm trying to test ride a wide range of sports bikes. I'm a serious buyer and I'm not just out for a jolly because I'm bored.

    I'm getting seriously fecked off with some dealerships and their total inability to keep in touch or answer a simple email. All I'm asking is if a certain bike available for a test ride, not exactly the hardest of questions to answer, is it? The worst so far has got to be On Yer Bike Aylesbury. I'd booked a ride on the Aprilia RS457 months ago to take place on their Aprilia Day this weekend. I was assured that someone would be in touch with me nearer the time to confirm. Nothing... So I chased them only to be told that the bike that I'd booked wasn't going to be there. Okay, sh happens, so I emailed back to ask about going out on either the RSV4 or the 660. Nothing back from them. I'd also emailed them about a test of Ninja 400RR. And I've had nothing back from them about that, either. Cmon people, get your act together. Although I wouldn't buy from them now on stubborn principle.

    I've had similar experiences with other dealerships, but they've been the worst. Triumph have been the best at getting back to me (shame that I don't like the bike!) and Lloyd Cooper have been really good, too. So kudos to them.

    It just really, really annoys me that I'm about to spend a small mortgage on a new bike yet I don't even warrant a reply to my messages. Don't they realise that customer service is just as important as a great deal and that I'm in full flounce mode?
  2. The bike industry is still years behind the rest of the motor-trade when it comes to sales, in all departments.

    It is because manufacturers see it as a niche market so don’t put value on things like NPS. Even Agricultural and Construction treat their customers better and the unit sales are often similar.
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  3. White


    Location: Hinckley
    I can’t even get a response from a triumph dealer regarding a test ride. Since Covid I’ve found customers always come last

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  4. Janey


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    It's pants, isn't it? And it does influence your choice on not only the brand you buy, but who you buy it from. I love the irony that you can't get a response and yet you live in the home town of Triumph.

    That's another reason why I'm likely to join the BMW gang.
  5. I have to say I’ve had this across the board also! Fraser of Gloucester are the worst so far, literally emailed them saying I was wanting to buy the RS660 and could he get some availability and I would go in that weekend, followed with a call and then got there and they basically had no idea and I was just so peed off with them

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