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New Swede-crate…..

Discussion in 'Clothing & Safety Equipment' started by Ghostrider675, Oct 10, 2021.

  1. Ghostrider675


    Thread Starter

    Location: Hertfordshire
    I need a new lid- previously had a Shoei X-Spirit (not the latest III model)

    I’ve tried the new Spirit III, Arai RX7 & an AGV K6…. I’d like quiet, well ventilated, no internal visor & con fit Comms to it…. Also, not looking at spending a small nation’s financial deficit either!
  2. cpszx


    Location: Chatteris
    I am now on my second Nexx XR.2 which replaced my x-spirit II.
    Ventilation not quite as good but everything else is good enough.
  3. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

    Location: HU15 2DS
    I also have a Carbon fibre Nexx, but that's my track lid.
    Fwiw on the road I prefer to have a flip down internal tinted visor (helps with that low winter sun), so I use Shark Vision-R.
    Over the years I have had dozens of different makes & models, some great & some disappointing. However they have all improved incrementally, so the worst helmet I have had in the last decade is still infinitely better than the best one from two decades ago.
    However I'm not biased towards (or particularly impressed by) marques. When I need a new lid I prefer to visit a helmet dealer (or motorcycle show) and try on all the ones that fit my given criteria then choose based on direct comparison between lids.
    Post Covid, I do wonder if the same arrangements are going to exist for trying on dozens of lids.?

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