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My 13+ 675 "streetona" track bike

Discussion in 'Images & Videos' started by Dan_the_drifter, Feb 17, 2023.

  1. StMarks

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    Location: HU15 2DS
    Looks like a great day Dan, good to see you're getting back into the flow. It was clear to see your confidence coming back just over the duration of that video.
    Sorry to hear about the legacy of that highside, although not so surprised. As I pointed out at the time, nasty!
    Anyway, how's the bike these days? -It appears to be picking up well, and sitting reassuringly planted in the twisty bits.
  2. Dan_the_drifter


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    Location: South Devon
    Thanks a lot mate, ye first time I've felt settled on the bike since I've got back on it really, I think the other guys were definitely pulling me along and then once I could feel where I was faster I could crack on, generally everyone seemed to be slowing more than I was into the last little chicane/back straight before the 2 last right handers.

    In terms of the bike, I did get the suspension set up at Donington, October last year, bike definitely feels a little better now on the front as it needed softening up and is smoother over bumps and when hard on the brakes, it did however highlight that after a few sessions the stock rear shock isn't quite up to the job, think the oil in the shock gets hot and starts to pogo a little so was set as best possible and looking like at some point I will need to upgrade, probably to a Nitron or K tech. The wear to the tyre doesn't both me too much as I've flipped the last 2 rear tyres to get my monies worth out of the them and that seems to work alright, I'm not quite going fast enough to notice any ill effects just yet.

    I also decided to fit the clip ons back to how they are supposed to be rather than being higher up (I was running them flipped to make them a bit comfier last year), haven't really noticed any issues other than a little arm ache the next day as leaning further forward.. Think it does however help when trying to get your body position set up before the corner so going to leave them as they are for now.

    I managed to book a very last minute Pembrey Phil Bevan day this past weekend too. Wanted to get some more track time after things going well at Llandow but can update how that went next post. Cheers
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