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Maintenance light wrench symbol

Discussion in 'How To's' started by dsok10, Jun 14, 2020.

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    Location: California
    Anyone know which OBD2 reader works on a 2017 675R I have tried 4 different kind and have had no luck with connections. Please help, last resort is go to dealer to reset.
  2. This is the one I use. Works fine with my 09. Sorry looking at your post I just realised you’ve got a 17 plate.
    Not sure but think they a locked ECU’s
    Dunno if you can still do fault code readings but def. can’t alter anything
  3. That actually will (partially) work with tune ECU on the later bikes, I bought one for my 675 R and the test and diagnostic functions work ok but I didn't try resetting the service wrench so can't say for sure it's possible or not.
    I returned it anyway because it doesn't allow you to load a map to the ECU.
    If you want the full functionality of Tuneecu including remapping then you need a obdlink LX, MX or MX+.
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