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How to - 1050 Throttle Mod

Discussion in 'How To's' started by JayQ, May 16, 2011.

  1. Which cheese screws? In the bar weight, leave them. If you release the switch gear slide everything up the bar you can release the weight from the bar as there are a pair of catches you can press.

    Once the weights out you could replace the screw. I also replaced the switch gear screws with cap head allens as they are cheese too.
  2. Captain Steffydog

    Captain Steffydog Moderator Staff Member

    Location: East London/Essex
    I drilled the heads off of mine one.

    He's talking about the two screws that hold the throttle tube metal parts, where the cable come together. Goes around the plastic of the tube.
  3. Yeah the screws that hold the throttle housing together.

    What size do I get to replace them with?

    Quite fancy replacing them with a hex bolt.

    Can you get hex bolts in B&Q etc?

  4. Pro bolt probably ur best bet
  5. Can anyone give me a specific size though?
  6. The best way to loosen the screws holding the switchgear is with the screwdriver that comes with the bike, fits perfectly and easier to get access because its right angled.
    Doesn't help you if somebody has already butchered them with a pozi or phillips driver though:(
  7. Off the top of my head I used an m4 20mm cap screw. You can get a back of them from screw fix for a very tiny sum on in different colours from the Internet.
  8. Of your local to north staffs you're welcome to a few of mine.
  9. Im up in Scotland but thank you for the offer, there is a Screwfix not far from me so I will pop in there.

    And the toolkit screwdriver is right angled?

    I only have a normal screwdriver under the pillion seat.

    What else should you get in the toolkit?

    Thanks again
  10. Tool kit is Triumph being a bit economical with the truth. You get a reversible screwdriver, an allen key, and that's it.
  11. Sorry, i was talking about the screwdriver in the newer bikes, your probably better off with Allen screws just don't overdo the tightening, you can easily strip the threads in die cast ally.
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  12. Here's a useful tip for anyone who has rounded the screw heads on the throttle housing and can't get them out. I ruined mine and was about to drill them out when I had the idea of using a pair of side cutters to get them out. I just gripped the screw head with them and twisted and they came straight out! Can't believe it worked! Must have be the extra leverage. Just need to get some bolts to replace the screws now.
  13. Lifeofriley


    Location: GB
    Done this mod tonight. Had todo it the hard way as bar end allen key head sheered. Well say hard it was very straight forward with that guide. Thankyou for your effort of writing that up, works a treat.
  14. I bought half a dozen stainless csk allen screws from ebay, i always replace them if i take off the bar ends and use copaslip.
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  15. Lifeofriley


    Location: GB
    Has anyone found that the grips come up short on the throttle tube, looks horrible.
  16. Yeah a few times, I'm using some lever guards with a flared weight so it covers the gap.
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  17. Lifeofriley


    Location: GB
    Awesome. Just realised i put small grip on throttle tube doh!!
  18. Today I fiitted the 1050 throttle mod, using JayQ's " how to"

    Made it so easy! Nice one mate.

    The difference is amazing! Much better than the standard one.

    Ordered one for my Street Triple R now!
  19. Ray675


    On what year bike is this an option on. Is it one throttle fits all ? I'm on 2014 STR ?
  20. I also have a 2014 STR, and it will fit on that.

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