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Has anyone's heat exchanger actually failed

Discussion in 'General' started by Bigmac, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Bigmac


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    Location: Slough
    Has this actually happened to anyone? I hear it can happen but has it happened to you?
    Grey or black engine?
  2. Nope, over 10 675's and a few ST's and not one failure
  3. I heard lots of horror stories about this when I first got my 675 so that made me change mine.
  4. Bigmac


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    Location: Slough
    Yea exactly, I have heard many horror stories but out of all the the 675 riders and racers I know it's never happened
    Making me wonder if it was a nice marketing scheme
  5. I would say this was more 'common' on race bikes and if/when it did - bye bye engine.
    Look at it as a preventive measure and a cheap one at that really.
  6. TripleJimmy

    TripleJimmy Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Dover
    I have seen it happen at Almeria all be it on a street triple R. The bike was primarily track going had done maybe 20 days in total before then the heat exchanger shat itself on the third day and made a right mess.
  7. I've read into this a little as my bike is on its original and done most track mileage.

    There seems to be a little connection between them going on bikes that aren't running anti-freeze/corrosion inhibitor. Most of the failure I dug up are on race bikes using water wetter (or similar) the theory being that the capillaries corrode water side and then the high oil pressure burst through.

    I was tempted to swap mine out as a precaution but if it's a parts quality issue then there's no telling you are replacing it with anything better!

    Only thing to do is to bin it off, link the pipes and fit an adapter to run a speed triple oil cooler under the radiator!
  8. the JHS & UKRS Oil coolers are air cooled so no water runnig thru them to corrode anything....
  9. T_daytona675


    Location: Cheshire
    Only really needed in hotter climates, not needed in uk really
  10. The race teams used to run an oil cooler under the radiator in BSB but then they were making 140+bhp so generating a lot more heat.

    An oil cooler might be overkill for a standard engine but the billet coolers don't actually look like they will cool that efficiently.

    Think I'll end up running a full oil cooler and putting a temp gauge on it to monitor temps.
  11. kuro


    Location: bracknell
    I was thinking about this! well this type.
    http://www.ukracesupport.co.uk/images/Daytona 675 H2O Oil Cooler 001.jpg
    though i kind of think the oil pump may be under sized and lead to low oil pressures.
    but i am pissed with the heat transfer. oil to water with the engine off after a spin.
  12. @kuro I'll check but 99% sure the super stock engines used the triumph kit oil pump gearing even with the addiotnal oil cooler and never had issues. You could leave the stock gearing for the pump in to compensate a little.
  13. The "problem" with the UKRS oil cooler is that it's so expensive.

    If you could buy the adapter only and then fit that to a second hand speed triple oil cooler mounted below the exist radiator that should be cheaper and effective, I'm guessing.
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  14. Is there interest in that? If there is I could enquiry about getting a job lot made, how much just for the adapter? What fittings would people prefer?
  15. I'd be interested. I guess the thing to also identify is what cheap oil coolers (eg speed triple's etc) are available and what fittings they have.
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  16. JohnnyPS4


    Location: Buxton
    I'd be interested too, hasn't @zupe got an oil cooler takeoff going to a rectangular cooler?
  17. zupe


    ImageUploadedBy675cc1473274791.669565.jpg ImageUploadedBy675cc1473274839.534258.jpg
    My first version.
  18. zupe


    ImageUploadedBy675cc1473275024.841843.jpg ImageUploadedBy675cc1473275195.633512.jpg
    More pro solution by H2o
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  19. zupe


    I had a nasty highside when exhanger popped and water/oil mix greased me rubber.
    Had 2010 oil gearing kit with increased oil pressure valve, which was too much for the exchanger.
  20. I thought the kit gearing decreases the oil pressure at higher rpm?

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