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Gap between engine mount and frame

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by Matt Stone, Aug 2, 2022.

  1. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone

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    Location: Bury st edmunds
    So…. Picked up a new bike the other day. Found out there was crack in head by front right mount(due to crash damage from crash bobbin. picked up a new engine.
    I’ve got the engine in place, haven’t started tightening up with triumph sequence, but on front right mount there is a 7mm gap to engine mount.

    I take it there isn’t a spacer that goes there?

    what’s my options? Would the front frame arm of bent in crash? There appears no signs of damage to the arm. I’m sure it was tight with old engine in.

    All other mounts are aligned and tight to engine

    hopefully that makes some sort of sense and appreciate any feedback.

  2. Nik


    Location: Holland
    No spacer goes in there mate.
    Might be an idea to loosen everything up and follow the sequence in the manual and see that makes a difference.
    I have a generation 2 race bike that I bought crash damaged with same thing,a crack in the cylinder head.I put a replacement head on it and it was good to go.
    Hope luck is on your side and the frames ok.

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