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Exup valve removal and Tuneecu for Android

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by Adan Oviedo, Jun 20, 2021.

  1. Adan Oviedo

    Adan Oviedo

    Thread Starter

    hey all!!!

    this is the second time I had problems with the exup valve, 1st was only adjust the cables, run de Tuneecu and problem solved, but this time one of the cables snaped and my Tuneecu wont work ( I still have the old free version that worked great on Win 7) it turns out that the laptop I had exclusively fot that manner decided not to work anymore. I managed to get the software out of the HD and install it on another lap that runs on Win 10. the software runs and I managed to install the correct drivers for the OBD II cable, but it just wont connect to the bike, blinks red, orange and then error code.

    so here is the thing.. I'm gona buy the "exup valve elimintator" but haven't been able to run my old version of Tuneecu and for some reason and most likely will have to buy the Android one, but as I read the old cable works just needs an OTG cable for the USB OBD II, have any of you tried this way? or ended up buying the bluethooth OBD II? according to the Tuneecu site up to VIN 564947 thru USB(1) I may diagnose, read and write map, mi VIN is 521553 so I'm good (as far as I understand)

    let's see how it goes, unfortunately the valve eliminator is going to take like a month to get here.... I hope by then I had figured out the Tuneecu issue.

    cheers from mexico!!!!
  2. Forgive me if I’m wrong but it you have brought an eliminator then it’s just plug and play. Why do you need Tune ECU? If you are using TuneECU why not just remove the valve and switch it off in the software? Or just plug in the eliminator.
  3. Adan Oviedo

    Adan Oviedo

    Thread Starter

    as far as i know when plugging the eliminator the bike must be scanned for the "check engine" light and then deactivate the valve via Tuneecu. unless I am totally wrong hahaha, the eliminator is gonna take a while to get here (I bought it on ebay and takes a lot to get to mexico)

    Plus I wanted to know if the check engine light had any more "surprises"

    I managed to install a Tuneecu trial version on my phone with the same ODB II cable I used on the free version for windows and i found 3 codes (the damn hose on the air sensor under the air box) and another 2 related to the valve

    thanks for replying!!!
  4. No worries. I just don’t see the point in paying for an eliminator if you have to use TuneECU to deactivate it still. You might as well save your money and just unplug and remove it. It will have the same result and still have to deactivate it in TuneECU. I though the point of eliminators was to fool the ECU into think a valve was still operating. So you could remove it without the EML coming on. Or there is literally no point in them.

    As for the software. Are you having issues with it? I thought TuneECU was for the best part free to use but donations are welcome?
  5. R4CKS675


    Location: Lowestoft
    I've used a servo buddy on mine but have also completely removed the valve due to a change of exhaust. Never had eml on and don't even own tuneecu

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  6. dks-123


    Location: Warwickshire
    Mine is still plugged in but I've deactivated it via tuneecu
  7. As R4CKS675 says, no need to deactivate it in TuneECU if you have a servo buddy.
    Plug it in, remove the valve, job done no engine management light.
  8. Adan Oviedo

    Adan Oviedo

    Thread Starter

    that´s what I read on some threads about the exup valve eliminator. I already removed it cuz one of the cables broke, but the "check engine" light is on (obviously hahaha)

    about the Tuneecu it was free and yes donations were available, and I was so happy with it, helped me out a lot, but last time I used it was 3 years ago. When I had this problem with the valve (6 weeks ago) I dug up my old computer (cuz it runs on win 7)to tun the Tuneecu I had, but the computert wouldnt start, so I went to www.tuneecu.com and it turns out that the free windows version is no longer available to download or support, must use the android version. I was able to use de same USB-OBD II cable with an OTG adaptor to my phone and payed $243 MX for the software and runs great.

    I have to wait to see whats the deal with the valve eliminator, as soon as it gets here I'll even make a video hahahaha and share it just for fun and maybe it'll help someone else too

    thanks for replying!!
  9. Adan Oviedo

    Adan Oviedo

    Thread Starter

    thaks for the comment!! I guess the valve eliminator or servo buddy fixes the engine light... but is really good to have the tuneecu in case of any other failures, it has helped me a lot I truly recommend it
  10. Adan Oviedo

    Adan Oviedo

    Thread Starter

    which valve eliminator you bougth? i got this one (hasn't arrived yet) https://www.ebay.com/itm/174257577161
  11. I used tune ECU on my android phone, just read the map off my ECU, removed the servo for the valve, changed the setting in the software then sent the map back to the ECU. I didn't need to buy a servo eliminator or any other hardware, I just switched it off and removed it.

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