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Exhaust valve cables installation 675R 2014

Discussion in 'How To's' started by Velociraptor, Mar 11, 2023.

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    Anyone has a link that describes how to change the exup cables of the Daytona 675R 2014 onwards?

    Mine was broken and I bought a new one. Unfortunately the installation is not that straightforward. After installing everything the servo didn't move. I took it out again and the servo is working fine. Probably there are some tricks for this installation that I have no clue.

    I suspect I will need TUNE ECU to move the servo into installation position before fitting the cables, so it will be in the correct position to start the adjustment.

    A link for a detailed video or step-by-step instructions (idiot proof) would be great!

  2. I'll start by saying I haven't got personal experience replacing an exup servo cable, only ever adjusted the tension on mine and now I have it disabled anyway with TuneEcu.
    The manual doesn't specify anything to move the servo prior to installing the cables, just says install the cables onto the servo, and then the tensioning procedure is shown with the Triumph dealer software but TuneEcu works in a similar fashion, move it to the middle position, adjust the closing cable until the arrow lines up with the upper edge of the butterfly valve stop then adjust the tensions.
    Does the servo move (or attempt to) with the cables connected on ignition switch on?

    I think TuneEcu will be useful for this installation and the adjustment especially.

    Screenshot 2023-03-12 164331.png

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