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Electrical Issue

Discussion in 'How To's' started by Scrivs85, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Scrivs85


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    Hi, I recently installed AFC signals color match flush mount signals on my 2012 Daytona 675r, they came with their own resister packs. I doubt these are a direct cause but with the bike off, the signals worked fine. When I turned the bike over, the right signal would flash then turn off until I restarted the bike (note everything worked great until a long ride where I got caught in the rain). After searching through the wiring I found some serious wear in the connector coming from the r/r. I caught it early and was able to save the harness and in turn, got the signals to work fine. My issue is after running the bike a few minutes, the connector begins to overheat and will cause damage over the long term. I believe the connector is coming from the r/r, I'm not entirely sure. They are the yellow set at the r/r. What should I look into to determine what the actual cause to this issue might be?
  2. peter hawkins

    peter hawkins

    Location: Bristol
    It sounds like you may have a dead short ,if poss run some loose wires to by pass that connector and see if you still get the same issue if so you will no the connector is at fault ,could luck electrical can be a pain hope this gives you a few ideas.
  3. StephenP


    Location: Hertfordshire
    I ended up cutting the plugs out on mine. Now have a single connector for each wire, current to the battery is better with no resistance.

    Not suggesting this as a solution but hopefully it's a simple job as those standard plugs are annoying when they get old, dirty etc
  4. As Stephen says, you will probably have to replace the connector with an original or alternative. The heat is caused by resistance due to poor connection, this could possibly cause the RR to fail or the stator so needs sorting.

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