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Cylinder head swap on 09 Street Triple Engine

Discussion in 'General' started by Peter Lewis, Nov 11, 2023.

  1. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis

    Thread Starter

    Location: Haddenham,Ely.
    HI All
    Havn't been on here for ages. Here is the story .

    So chain broke on my 675 Track Bike during weekend at Brno last year , tad embarrassing, punched a hole in the engine casing so engine needs a complete break down with new casings . Just getting round to having a look at options, Its worth repairing as it has some quality suspension ( Bitubo front and rear) so don't want to break the bike
    I have a street triple engine ( 09) that i brought a few year s ago , good condition.
    Is it OK to swap cylinder head from busted Daytona engine and put it on the good street triple engine.
    Anybody tried this ? Done this? Is it a straight forward swop
    I could completely strip the Busted Daytona engine ( when I took the sump off there was bits of alloy everywhere) and fit new crankcases. But will be selling the bike so just want to get it going so someone can use while they rebuild the Daytona engine or whatever they want to do with it.
    It will go with the bike when i sell it.
    Anyway hope all above makes sense.

  2. If the ST3 engine is good, why are you swapping the head from the Daytona? Why not just drop the entire engine in?
  3. cpszx


    Location: Chatteris
    Had similar failure on my first STR engine. Although cracked cases was all, no other damage. cant help with query, but i sympathise.
  4. The head is a straight swap.
    The 09 Street bottom end might have Iron liners and cast pistons, which might not like the higher revving Daytona. Some later 13+ engines have nicasil ali liners and forged pistons.
    Hope this helps. If you need , I have a refurbished bottom end with the forged pistons etc.

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  5. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis

    Thread Starter

    Location: Haddenham,Ely.
    Hi ahh yea I would but on inspection the street triple engine has a broken valve guide hence wanting to use the Daytona head
  6. Peter Lewis

    Peter Lewis

    Thread Starter

    Location: Haddenham,Ely.
    Many thanks to all replies. Been contacted about taking everything as a project bike as the person has a good engine . So see what happens. Thanks pete.
  7. panos_zip


    Location: Liverpool
    If both engines have same exhaust ports, you could use the ST3 engine as is, just with daytona cams.
    Direct swap, easy, cheap, decent power.
    And then you have a working bike, without the hassle of head swap.

    If the exhaust ports are different, then you would need headers etc. so a head swap sounds more feasible.

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