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CRC Fairings Daytona 2012

Discussion in 'Bodywork' started by HISystems, Jul 20, 2020.

  1. HISystems


    Thread Starter

    Location: Belgium
    Hey fellow riders,
    I've bought a magnificent Daytona from 2012 for track use only.
    When I bought her she was still in road trim, so I needed to find me some fairings and protection, in case the worst happens.
    I've searched around and found GBRacing to provide the protection, and went for CRC for the fairings.
    The GBRacing protection install was really magnificent. Torque specs mentioned, and a clear explanation about what and where.
    However when I received the CRC fairings, the quality seemed poor. And when I installed the seat I had my doubts. Is it normal that there is a space of 2-3cm between the seat and the tank? Also, is it normal that it is that high up? I've contacted the seller and he told me he had already sold 50 of these and I was the only one that had these questions...
    Am I the weird one? :(
    BTW: this is my first post and I'm from Belgium. If you notice any typo's, please don't shoot me. ;)
    Any input appreciated!
    Kind regards,
  2. midgey46


    Location: Peterborough
    Have them on my 675R and it’s the same bud.
    It’s because of the lug that locates under the tank pivot.

    Just the way they are
  3. JohnnyPS4


    Location: Buxton
    Quite normal for the 06-12 crc seat unit to be shocking in quality and fit, if it’s from the same company I bought mine from based in the UK then good luck getting a return, I’m probably over two years waiting for a returns box and my money back
  4. HISystems


    Thread Starter

    Location: Belgium
    Thanks for the fast replies!

    @JohnnyPS4 : What fairings do you use now then? And are they a better fit?

    I was thinking to go for the superbike bodywork fairings http://www.superbikebodywork.co.uk/Triumph.htm
    Anybody had the chance to see them in real? Pictures only show what the seller wants to show. Anybody has experience with those fairings?
  5. Bigmac


    Location: Slough
    It’s hard to find good quality track fairings and all need modding and working to get them to fit
    Its not until the 3-4th time of putting them on and off does it feel like you are t fighting them to get them on I find
  6. HISystems


    Thread Starter

    Location: Belgium
    Hey, just to give an update: I've bought the ones from profibre and sent the CRC fairings back to the supplier. They didn't give me a hard time to get a return, and got all the money back. Profibre did make me wait for about 3-4 weeks though to get them, but they have arrived now, and I can say I'm happy overall.
    Did they fit well? No.
    Did they fit: Yes.
    Will the fit get better: I hope so once they settle.
    Quality: very good. They seem sturdy, and can strecht a bit. However, they still need to be filled, primed, and get the needed layers of paint, as almost all track fairings.
    Please note I bought profibre ones, not profiber, as they are a different company apparently.
    Once she's completely done, I'll post some pics.
    Greetz, and thanks for the help!
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