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Discussion in 'Clothing & Safety Equipment' started by Captain Steffydog, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Wyrm


    Location: Surrey
    Mine are Daytona Evo Sport GTX.
    They usually retail for £560 (can be more).
  2. Anyone got or know much about the Sidi ST boots, whats the protection like ?
  3. Dan425


    What is the common consensus on those "converse style" motorbike lo-top boots? Just for riding into town or short trips, nothing serious.
  4. Aeolus


    Location: Chicago, IL, USA
    I have these; Dainese Dyno C2B Shoe http://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-dyno-c2b-shoes

    Super happy with them, they are CE rated, so great for commuting. They are flexible, comfortable, and offer good protection for what they are. Rigid toe box, ankle protection(from the side) and a pretty grippy bottom. I actually walk to my bike 1/2 mile to where it is parked with these on every day and they have been great. No issues with durability or comfort.

    With that being all said keep in mind they are no match for a proper riding boot. They offer zero protection to the shin area as well as no protection for over rotation of the ankle.
  5. kwacky


    Location: Birmingham
    I'm a massive fan of the Puma boots. I crashed in a pair of Puma v3 1000 race boots and they did their job. I did sustain a minor ankle fracture but I was walking on it after the crash. Given the extent of my other injuries and the total destruction of the bike they proved their worth. And I've still got them :D

    The only downside for me is taking them off. They're such a snug fit there's a special technique to removing them. Sadly the nurse thought they would just slip off. :OUCH!:
  6. I think im going to get the TCX R-S2 or the TCX R-S2 evo
  7. Shaun


    Ive got a pair of altberg road runner boots which ive had for around 8 months and i am very pleased with them,to look at they are very simular to the daytona boot,they are not the sort of boot i would normaly pick but ive a lot of trouble with my feet and couldnt walk in my tcx boots anymore,the altberg factory is in Richmond north yorkshire were they make the boots (walking,climbing,shooting,army,motorbike) the bike boots come in 1/2 sizes and 4 or 5 width sizes and the road runner model has a water proof membrane.i went to the factory and got my feet mesured then they make the boots which takes around 8-12 weeks and cost me £210 plus £7 post.it was a police motorcyclist who put me on to altberg boots after i asked him what boots they wore my thinking was he would have decent gear,he had the none waterproof membrane altberg boots which he said had never let water in and were 14 years old and they looked in great nick.theres a web site just google altberg boots.
  8. Tally


    Is that the goretex one. If it is I have them and they stopped me breaking my leg when I went into the side of a truck. Excellent protection, take a while to wear in, totally waterproof (gore one is anyway).
  9. Tally


    I've got Sidi goretex and alpinestars supertech Rs. Both really excellent and the Sidis have always been totally waterproof. Crashed in them too and they really protected my leg with the hard plastic all the way up. I think the Alps are even comfier with excellent protection round the ankle and foot but not as much as the Sidis above the ankle. Seemingly most injuries must be around the foot and ankle. It just happened that the nature of my accident saw a lot
    Of impact just below the knee and the Sidis are rock hard there.
    Re the lo cut boots etc I don't really have the cash to buy something that I'd just ride into town etc. They're likely to be a bit better than normal shoes but I'd just gear up. I'm not in a Ducati advert after all. It rains a lot in Bolton and I've got a face like a pig :lol::lol:

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