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Discussion in 'Clothing & Safety Equipment' started by Captain Steffydog, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Captain Steffydog

    Captain Steffydog

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    Location: East London/Essex
  2. Davetona

    Davetona Moderator Staff Member

    Location: East Kent Coast
    Stuffy!!! LOL HeHeHe :lol:
  3. Haha, Fail on most of typing on that post...

    Sold the boots now anyway :D
  4. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    Over on another forum I was criticised for saying that I'd wear steelies on the bike but nobody could explain why they thought it was so bad. So can I wear my Magnum Shields or not?

    Great for kicking doors in :D I wear them to work :D :D

  5. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Dunno??.....I tried sommit similar when I first started riding but I could barely get my left foot under the shifter....I only wore them the one time, I think.
  6. Deegee

    Deegee Moderator Staff Member

    Location: In the Garage.
    Have you had a career change Ed? Looks like you're into debt collecting with those on your feet!

    I used to wear steelies to ride to work years back, and like Darren says I found it difficult to get my foot under the gearchange, regular DM's were ok but not steelies. I deffo wouldn't wear them on a bike now as there's no ankle movement limitation or protection built in (except toes of course!).
  7. dino


    Location: Bromley Kent
    The problem with safety toe cap boots is they are designed to protect the toes from being crushed when a weight is applied from above. If you come off the bike and the sole bends, it brings the toe cap back on the top of your foot and crush the toes and break the small foot bones.

    Hence the toe cap makes them more dangerous on a bike than non toe cap boots.
  8. Some safety boots come with metal plates in the sole now, mine are Kevlar so they don't set off airport security :p
  9. D41


    Location: Orange, CA
    Are those the red ones you posted a pic of?? :D
  10. I've got Sidi Black Rain and quite like them - very comfy, but I'm not sure how safe they are and the sole is wearing very quickly.
    I'm thinking about getting Puma 1000 V2 next year but they don't look too comfy... But as long as they're safe that's the most important thing :)
  11. vespario


    Location: Portishead
    Sidi mega goretex for wet and AS super tech Rs for dry.
    Both great boots. No complaints.
    Ride at least 5 days a week unless snow. Never seem to get cold feet either.....unlike my bloody fingers!
  12. +1 on the cold fingers even with Cold Killers on underneath my Alpinestars Drystar winter gloves this morning it was only -2c and I was still very close to getting frostbite in my fingers took my gloves off as soon as I got to work and my fingers were on fire really f'in painful stuck them straight on the engine block to warm up was at least a couple of minutes before I felt warmth in them again.

    As for boots just got my Alpinestars SMX and SMX2 (ankle boots for summer) feet don't generally get cold however in heavy rain they let a bit of water in...
  13. Red675


    Location: Angola

    i have these

    boss boots
  14. Edski675

    Edski675 Administrator Staff Member

    My normal boots are Sidi Vertigos, but they seem to wear out so quick... I don't drag my feet along the grond either.
  15. You're not Scottish are you Ed by any chance? ;)

  16. I had supertech r and they were v comfy etc but as I have clown feet I found they were just too gigantic and heavy.

    Got the dainese pro axial innie boots very strong, very light it's like I'm wearing trainers by comparison. I also have the Sidi black something or other goretex they are alright I suppose open at the top though.

    I read an interview with a dainese designer/researcher who used to work for astars and they have very different approaches to their boots. He said that it was his belief that in a big accident the weight and bulk of the supertech r design added to the force your foot and ankle would rotate, or cartwheel in a real biggie, making you impact harder. His approach in his boots are lighter with less bulk to reduce this effect with the kevlar, hinged ankle but at astars standpoint of having that protective cuff around your shin and his standpoint are what made him go to dainese.

    I've crashed in both kinds and they both work well.
  17. Just your knuckles then, Edski675 :lol:
  18. Rossgo


    Location: Landed on Mars
    I have three pairs at the moment....I have some RST RaceTech summer boots ( black and white coloured) very comfy for the hot weather and walking about in, due to it air holes all the way around the boot. And I have just invested in some TCX Infinity Gore-Tex boots for those horrible wet and cold days.....I haven't managed to use them out in the wet yet so unsure if they work very well, but they are thick like a waterproof boot should be and pretty comfy, they are more comfy than me old Spada waterproof boots I had, they were to high up the leg and very tough to use. And I have a crap 20quid prospeed boot I picked up from the market just for everyday use and dont mind rucking up!! Ive spent a fair few quid on boots I wouldn't mind a couple more pairs like some Sidi boots :)

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