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Black Circles on Line Tyre Company

Discussion in 'Rants & Raves' started by bladebiker, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. bladebiker


    Thread Starter

    Location: Scotland
    10 days ago I ordered 2 new tyres for the car. Have used them once before and it was ok. Basically you order on line they send the tyres to a local garage where they fit them for you. I duly turned up to find no tyres had been delivered and no fitter available. Turns out the garage declined the job because they knew at the time I requested they would have no fitter available which is fair enough. However nobody told me. I tried phoning the number but got a pre recorded message saying that because of the weather they were experiencing high call volumes etc so email please. Went on website and tried to use on line chat facility. My initial message was acknowledged then 5 mins later it disconnected because it had been inactive for too long. Tried phoning a number on the original email which turns out no longer exists. So ending up sending an email canceling the order and asking for a refund. What a total waste of a morning. Customer service absolutely appalling. My wife got me to tone down my email to them a bit! It's so frustrating when you can't seem to speak to anyone as if I could they would probably have kept my business.
  2. Captain Steffydog

    Captain Steffydog Moderator Staff Member

    Location: East London/Essex
    Mmm, I’ve only ever ordered for them to come to me, rather than to go to dealer/fitter.

    I guess customer service means more bodies, and more bodies means higher costs. The two don’t always mix.
  3. VW911


    ...Bought tyres to be delivered, no problems...
  4. Ntecuk


    Location: Braintree
    I have only orded to have them sent to my work.
    But then your covered by the disydist selling regulations.
    Just ring the card you used to get a refund.
  5. Red675


    Location: Angola
    Custromer service n this country is simply appalling on the whole, there's no other word for it
    Early december time I had to return £400 odd quids worth of gear to a flooring company i over ordered on (like they tell you to).
    Floor company "dont collect, only deliver" :rolleyes: so i used a firm called parcel to go as they didnt require me to carry all the gear up the post office and weigh it (bearing in mind were talking about kilos not pounds and grams here so an old dear would for example would have no chance doing that!)
    Some fella collects it and literally lobs it in the van and two days later it comes back as damaged, the floor company wouldnt accept it.
    Try to contact parcel to go, no telephone numbers AT ALL and spend a week on twitter trying to get someone to respond to me.
    Finally do that and they ask me to register on their website with a special account theyve allocated me and file a complaint.
    Its March next month and theyve just offered me £180. Bearing in mind i paid £130 extra to insure it too.
    Ive still never had a telephone call or been provided with a number to call and all ive been doing is responding to a different person each time on some kind of complaint app.
    Horrible, embarassing shower of shit.
    I told them to stick their £180 up their arse and expect to hear from the financial ombudsman.
    Hope you get your tyre issues sorted soon BB
  6. bladebiker


    Thread Starter

    Location: Scotland
    Got en email today confirming refund will be actioned. Fair enough but the service was still rubbish . Nobody wants to put any money into admin only sales. It’s like my mortgage company - sales is open on a weekend admin/customer service is not which says it all.

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