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Battery -ve cable lug snapped

Discussion in 'Maintenance & Tweaks' started by wobblybiker99, Nov 19, 2020 at 3:54 PM.

  1. wobblybiker99


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    Just a heads up for something to possibly keep an eye on.
    Found my battery -ve cable lug/crimp terminal broken today, luckily the bike is in winter storage but could have easily happened while riding.
    Obviously it isn't ideal being bent 90 degrees and that's where it's broken, but there is also a mark on the underside of the seat were its been pressing down on the crimp part of the lug, that could have contributed to the failure with the repeated movement while riding.
    20201119_152358.jpg 20201119_152501.jpg
    To be honest I had noticed the mark on the seat before and knew it was pressing on the crimp but should have anticipated the failure, I'm pretty sure that's the original routing of the cables but I'll attempt to fit the new crimp on the side, or I could relieve that area of the seat base.

    EDIT - looking at the service manual it seems the battery cables should be routed either side of the battery and not over the top, and there shouldn't be a sharp 90 degree bend on the crimp.
    Mine were like this when I bought it and I've just refitted them the same way without checking, so if your bikes cables are in the correct original position there shouldn't be a problem
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  2. Frogcake

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    Yikes that's not good! Looks like the battery in the 2013 bikes is in a different place to the previous models.
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  3. Good spot, easy fix and battery cables or dead batteries the main issue with most starting probs.
  4. wobblybiker99


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    Only removed the seat to check the battery voltage as the Optimate wasn't finishing the charging cycle, then found the crimp. Had the bike outside last week just to give the engine a run and it started and ran fine but must have just been hanging on at that point.
    I'm going to attempt to replace the crimp even though I don't have quite the correct tool at home and route it around the side if there's enough length. Otherwise I'll just get a pre-cut length of cable with crimps already fitted fairly cheap off Ebay, that's assuming the access to the other end is easy enough, can't see unless I lift the tank and I'd just brimmed it for winter storage.:confused:
  5. Stu675


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    The same happened to mine a few years ago. Think I bought a replacement connector from Halfords after needing recovery.

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