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Back on 2 wheels

Discussion in 'General' started by TripleJimmy, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. TripleJimmy


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    Location: Dover
    After a career change last year I sold both my 675 track bike and my BMW road bike not expecting to be on 2 wheels for some time.

    Just picked up an ex TT K6 GSXR 1000 from a friend of a friend. It's been stood up since 2017 so it's a project for now, but feels great having a bike again. Its got a built engine and is in the region of 190bhp at the wheel so with no TC I am sure it's going to be a bum clentcher!

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  2. Rogerrabbit


    Location: kent
    Welcome back mate we can never stay away for too long the love always claws us back . Lovely looking machine you got there looks like it will be epic fun....... but I did love your Beamer
  3. Frogcake

    Frogcake Moderator Staff Member

    Location: London
    Nice! You going to put it back on the road or keep it for the track?
  4. Great news mate, nice wheels and we all love a project don't we?
  5. TripleJimmy


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    Location: Dover
    It's got the original UK v5 so I can't imagine it's to much hassle to put it back on UK plates so it's something I thought about. I am not to worries though with winter coming and riding anywhere in the south east is just a mission of late.

    Some bits are a bit beyond my skill so I have been speaking with MSG racing about them having it for a once over. The bike owe me very little so I don't mind chucking a bit of money at it. I'd rather it be safe lol I'd feel better having had an expert look at it before I launch it at a corner.
  6. That’s looks like a cracking bit of kit mate well done!

    If you do end up with it on the road a fancy a ride out, let me know! I’ve just bought a 2020 R1 so not needing much of a excuse to go out for a blast these days!

    hope you’re well mate.

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