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Aftermarket suspension

Discussion in 'General' started by Scottyjm675, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Scottyjm675


    Thread Starter

    Location: Brackley
    Hey guys and girls,

    I'm in the market for some aftermarket suspension for a 2011 daytona

    I've tracked my bike, I run fast/intermediates and looking at upgrading. I have a stock suspension and after a few laps it just goes to poo as we know. Now the question is which should I look at getting?


    I want something that'll Ill notice the difference and work on the road as I enjoy the occasional evening/weekend ride.

    Will buy second hand if there's a deal to be had.

    I'm about 80-85kg with kit on.


  2. Ktech front
    And whatever you want for the rear
    The ohlins is good, higher end nitron shocks good as is the ktech stuff

    Upgrading the rear shock and front springs for your weight, then a proper setup made a massive difference for me

    Then front cartridge kit did the same again, depends on your budget
  3. scaramanga


    Location: whitehaven
    good advice above
    does not matter how much you spend if its not set up right
  4. I have a nitron rear shock and a k tech valve kit in the front. Mine is a track bike but I did ride it to the Iom in 2015 softened it all off for the road, used the same setting as I would use on a wet track and was OK prob could of been a little softer for the very bumpy roads on the island. No point in spending loads of dosh on really good suspension unless you are planning on racing but even then I would use the setup I have to start with.
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  5. Hogster


    Location: Ireland
  6. Hi mate,

    sorry not been on here for a few days..... yes I might have my Ohlins TTX 36 GP damper for sale soon.

    I’m still deciding as to try and sell my bike as is or just return to standard(ish) straight away and try and sell.......
  7. Always go for standard when selling
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  8. So no point trying to advertise as is first??

    I’ve literally just got my bike back today from T3 whom have had it to give it a once over.
  9. TripleJimmy

    TripleJimmy Moderator Staff Member

    Location: Dover
    I have always found a few choice mods will attract people and help sell like really common upgrades that peole would want to do anyway. It's a balance as it's not going to add value really perhaps just ammo against people trying to chip you on price.

    If you have a figure that you happy with as is then it can't hurt trying it at that first.
  10. Exactly my thoughts matey.... the only thing I would definitely do is put some proper indicators back on it, it’s currently got led strips on the back. The only other thing I’m in two minds about is wether to leave my Ohlins TTX 36 GP shock on it or not?!? It’s a valuable thing and I wouldn’t get its value back leaving it on but on the other hand, to me it would make the bike more appealing....

    As for values, I wouldn’t have a bloody clue what it’s worth!
  11. If I were looking for a bike the only mods that would incline me to pay more are upgraded forks, shock, steering damper, and possibly rear sets (sport bike). Couldn't possible care less about farkles like exhaust.
  12. The parts you’ve listed are the exact parts that I’m talking about wether to leave on or not.

    I might rest the water as is I think, no harm in trying I suppose.
  13. Kirklet


    Location: Hessle
    I’d take them off, it’s a no-brainer. I’ve found that stock bikes in as good condition as is possible seem to sell the easiest. It just gives the new owner a blank canvas from which to personalise it.
    The aftermarket parts will sell easily to the trackday and racing fraternity.
  14. Scottyjm675


    Thread Starter

    Location: Brackley
    Would the shock fit 2011 daytona? If so how much would you want??
  15. I’d be looking for £650 for it mate.... I paid close to £1100 for it a few years ago but it’s has very little use.
  16. Scottyjm675


    Thread Starter

    Location: Brackley
    Went for a nitron R3 shock in the end for £375 see how I get on with that

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