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2013 Season to forget (for me anyway)!!

Discussion in 'Stevie Elliott' started by bigtenfour, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. bigtenfour


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    We have just had our award night recently and this is our end of season report,


    2013 saw the RNRMRRT compete in only its second season in the British Military Services Championship, hosted by Thundersport GB (TSGB), the UK’s premier club racing organisation.

    This Inter Service Championship is hotly contested between almost 50 riders from all three services. Team Navy won the Individual Championship in some style with Mne Frankie Gallagher (45 CDO) winning by 66 points. In the team championship, the RNRMRRT managed 2nd place, narrowly missing out on the top spot, mainly dropping points due to work commitments by some of our riders at the end of the season.

    After what can only be described as the “season from hell”, plagued with numerous mechanical issues Sgt Elliott (1 AGRM) was rewarded for his continued resolve and commitment when he was presented with the “True Grit Award” by Thundersport. This recognition was over the whole TSGB paddock and not just the military riders within it.

    Due to his outstanding effort it was also top spot for MNE Gallagher in both the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Championship’s. LAET(M) Karl Dyer (HMS Culdrose) won the honour of being the Top Naval Rider.

    The last two races of the Season were held at Mallory Park and then Donington Park.

    Mallory ended up being a meeting to forget. A major oil leak from one of the competitors early in Race 1 saw Sgt Stevie Elliott RM and LEAT Karl Dyers crash out in spectacular style. Both bikes sustained very heavy damaged which ended both their seasons prematurely. Only RPO Jon Hunt survived to fly the flag for the remainder of the day.

    Donington Park was a mixture of wet, damp and dry conditions for racing, which caused lots of last minute tyre changes for all riders competing. Representing Team Navy were C/Sgt Bill Callister RM (42 CDO), RPO Jon Hunt (RNPSIB(E)) and new rider AB Perry Davidson. Bill had not ridden for a while and was sorting a lot of association admin, which distracted him from the task at hand and he struggled to find his groove all weekend, Perry impressed in what was only his second meeting. He demonstrated some strong racing and even a touch of show boating too coming out of the Melbourne Loop. Jon had his best round so far, and had some really close racing in the back of the pack, beating several Team Army riders in the process. He even had a coming together with Freddy Sheene, son of the late Barry Sheene, but managed to stay upright. In short it was a solid round and the team look forward to the 2014 season.

    2013 Team Awards:

    Inter Services Champion Mne Frank Gallagher

    Inter Services Team Championship 2nd Place

    Royal Navy Champion Mne Frank Gallagher

    Royal Marines Champion Mne Frank Gallagher

    Royal Navy Top Rider LEAT(M) Karl Dyer

    Jamie Adam Memorial Trophy LEAT(M) Colin Wilson

    Thundersport GB True Grit Award Sgt Stevie Elliott RM

    Looking forward to 2014:

    Bill Callister will continue to compete onboard a 1000cc Honda Fireblade within TSGB; He will also be entering the world famous Isle of Man TT for a second time. Bill is hoping to better his 2011 TT results and hopes to go faster and beat his fastest lap of 116.8 mph.

    Frankie Gallagher sadly will no longer be eligible to ride for the team, as he was unfortunately medical discharge from the RM, the Team has lost a key member. He vows still to fly the flag and is entering the Manx GP as a newcomer; Team Navy wish him all the best in his future racing endeavours!

    It is an exiting time to be part of the RNRMRRT. We are always looking to improve on our 2013 success and plan on winning the Team Title in 2014 and retaining the Individual Title too. The RNRMRRT are always looking for new riders to join the team.
  2. Re: 2013 Season to forget!!

    Well done mate :D
  3. bigtenfour


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  4. bigtenfour


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    Re: 2013 Season to forget!!

    Thanks Matt don't want to win it this year though!!!!! :shock: :lol:
  5. polpalm


    Location: North Kent
    Seems to me congratulations are in order. Well done mate.
  6. Well done even with the setbacks. 2014 can only be better.
  7. Red675


    Location: Angola
    cracking effort mate, well done to all and better luck with your bike next year

    also good to hear frank gallagher (assume its not the one off Shameless) is going to the manx, fair play that!
  8. bigtenfour


    Thread Starter

    Thanks guys!!!

    Yeah he's got a set!!! He's only been racing as long as me so double fair play!!!
  9. Nice one Stevie! Congrats on your position considering all the bad luck you had..... Here's to a rip roaring 2014 season mate, well done :D :D
  10. Deegee

    Deegee Moderator Staff Member

    Location: In the Garage.
    I'll echo all that's been said Stevie, congrats on your award and I sincerely hope you have better luck next year, but by the look of it if you should do if Mr Gallagher is out of the running! Fwiw you weren't the only one that had a lousy year, so I sympathise with you. ;)
  11. bigtenfour


    Thread Starter

    Thanks Carlos!! Hope to see you this year again?

    Deegee thanks Pal!! How was your season?? :)
  12. Deegee

    Deegee Moderator Staff Member

    Location: In the Garage.
    The high point was a trackday in May, but losing my job, losing a Bro-in-law to cancer, having to have a new hip, my mate coming off his bike and an unpleasant "Gentlemans" operation in the autumn somewhat spoiled the rest of the year... Fingers crossed 2014 is a little kinder to us. :|
  13. farmer1


    Location: oxford
    Well done steve at least you stuck at it!
    Good luck for 2014!
  14. bigtenfour


    Thread Starter

    Bloody hell Deegee, in that context i had a good year, all the best for 2014 pal!!!!
  15. StMarks

    StMarks PTG

    Location: HU15 2DS
    Actually it's been a pretty dire year for quite a number of our finest members BTF.

    Let's hope that this year your bike will stay running long enough for you to be rewarded with the results your endeavour & stamina deserve.
    Hopefully in doing so you will be flying the flag for a better year for all those who have been mistreated by 2013.

    To a successful & fun year mate. :toast:

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